Engage in Community

Hey Foresters, you’re not alone in this world. At Lake Forest, students are part of a wider community and learn how to act in the best interests of the whole. 


Lake Forest College students will, as a part of their co-curricular experiences, gain awareness about their values and develop a deeper appreciation of and commitment to the greater community. They will also learn to identify their roles and responsibilities as citizens by considering the informal values and mores and formal policies and procedures that affect their choices and actions; by recognizing commonalities and interdependence of diverse views/values; by recognizing the impact of self on others; and by acting responsibly to positively affect the immediate, societal, and global community. 

Learning Outcomes

During their co-curricular experience at the College, Lake Forest College students will:

  • Understand the difference between community membership and community engagement;
  • Define the communities in which they are members and their roles in each of those communities;
  • Practice citizenship through participation in addressing community concerns, upholding community standards and leading community improvements, within the Forester campus, local, and broader community;
  • Understand how community service intersects with academic and career interests; and
  • Articulate the value of engagement and service to the community for personal enrichment and community betterment.

Students learn to Engage in Community by:

Did you know?

“Community” can be found in the residence hall, the classroom, campus, Lake Forest, Chicago, Illinois, or the world.