Fine Arts Scholarships

Lake Forest College offers talent-based scholarships in music, studio art, and theater. Scholarships are available to both majors and non-majors, first-years and transfers.

Why Study Fine Arts at Lake Forest College

Fine Arts Scholarships

The Application Process

Steps to complete the Fine Arts Scholarship application
1. Apply to Lake Forest College 
2. Complete the Fine Arts Scholarship Application
3. Finalize the application by submitting your audition or portfolio via email or mail

Contact the Office of Admissions with any questions. 


Deadlines for both Transfers and First-Years:

Spring Transfer students: December 10 (application and portfolio) 

Fall Transfer students: June 1 (application), July 1 (portfolio) 

First-year students: March 15 (application and portfolio)

Fine Arts Scholarship Application Questions 

Please note that you must be admitted to Lake Forest College to be eligible to apply for the Fine Arts Scholarship.

Hixon Theater Scholarship
  • In what theater classes have you participated?
  • List your involvement in theater, including show title, year, and role. 
  • Why is theater important to you?
  • Why is theater important in society? 
  • Acting students should prepare two short monologues, one classic (e.g. Shakespeare) and one contemporary. A song and/or a dance is fine if you want to but is not required. It is ideal for you to preface the monologues with some information regarding the play, the scene, and the character(s). Monologues can be submitted via video or completed in-person. 
Reid Music Scholarship
  • For the instrumentalists: Please prepare two contrasting pieces of approximately 10 minutes. Can be submitted via video or completed in-person. 
  • For the vocalists: Please prepare two contrasting songs. One should be in English and the second may be in another language of your choice. Can be submitted via video or completed in-person. 
  • Please list the instrument you will be auditioning with.
  • Please list your voice type (e.g. tenor, alto)
  • What type of instruction have you had in your primary performance area?
  • What repertoire (title and composer) will you be performing for your audition?
  • What groups or organizations have you performed with?
Durand Art Scholarship
  • What art and/or art history courses might you like to take during your time at the College, and why?
  • What would you like to learn more about in terms of art or art history?
  • What, if any, job or career options can you imagine for yourself related to the arts?
  • What medium do you use?
  • What historical precedents or contemporary art are you interested in, and why? Describe your most successful piece or series of art. Explain your initial concept or inspiration, your process and how the process affected the outcome.
  • Present an original portfolio of your artwork. We recommend 20 images that show at least 10 different examples of work. Images should be presented digitally, either in a web gallery or as a Google Slideshow. Images may not be submitted by email attachment. You are encouraged to present examples of work from a variety of different media, if available. Submit an image list with your portfolio submission. This can be a word document or a PDF and should give as much specific information as possible about each artwork, including title, dimensions, media, and year completed.

Fine Arts Renewal Requirements

Hixon Theater Scholarship

In order to remain eligible to renew the Hixon Theater Scholarships, students must: 

  • In the Spring semester of each year, submit a scholarship renewal application to the department chairperson for approval.
  • Enroll in at least one Theater Department Class per academic year and participate in at least two department shows in any capacity such as acting, stage crew, dramaturgy, public relations, etc. 
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 and adhere to the participation requirements of the department.
Reid Music Scholarship

In order to remain eligible to renew the Reid Music Scholarship, students must: 

  • Actively contribute to the music department, and maintain membership in a department ensemble. All scholarships will be evaluated individually by the Music Department every spring to determine renewal of the award.  
  • Maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA. 
Durand Art Scholarship

In order to remain eligible to renew the Durand Art Scholarship, students must: 

  • Complete at least one course in the Art or Art History Department per academic year. 
  • Attend at least two openings at the Sonnenschein and Albright Galleries per semester. 
  • Take part regularly in other arts-related co-curricular activities throughout the year. 
  • Maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA.