Rosalind Franklin MSN Pathways

Our exciting new joint-partnership with Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science (RFU) and Northwestern Medicine (NM) gives students early exposure to the field, grants access to top-tier mentors and educators, and provides a comprehensive education to help students thrive in their future nursing career.

Why pursue the Rosalind Franklin Pathway?

Early conditional acceptance

Students interested in pursuing a pathway program through Lake Forest College and Rosalind Franklin University can secure their master's program spot before graduating from high school or College of Lake County. Early conditional acceptance is granted to those who have applied and been approved by a combined committee from Lake Forest and Rosalind Franklin and must continue to meet the academic requirements of the program to continue on to Rosalind Franklin.

Enhanced clinical opportunities

Students benefit from early advising from faculty at Rosalind Franklin and mentoring from top-tier nursing staff throughout this program. Our strategic partnerships with local hospital systems give students the opportunity to obtain their CNA and gain real-life experience throughout their time at the College.

RFU Community Bus

A community-minded approach

The partnership between Lake Forest, Rosalind Franklin, and Northwestern Medicine allows students to follow their path to an MSN within Lake County. Working within the local community helps students develop a strong network for their future careers and in an area of the country where the demand for nurses is ever growing. Lake County is home to two of the largest health care systems in Illinois, several biopharma industries, and the only Department of Defense VA hospital in the country. Students can also bring the foundational principles they learn serving our community back to their chosen communities across the nation. 

The NEW Pathway for Lake County Students

The Nursing Education to Workforce (NEW) Pathway will offer mentoring, academic guidance, internships, clinical placement, and employment opportunities to students living in high-hardship zip codes in Lake County. The strategic partnership between select local high schools, Lake Forest College, and Rosalind Franklin University will enable students to pursue a career in nursing that directly benefits their family, neighbors, and community at large. 

Flexible Pathway Options to Meet Your Needs

3+2 Pathway (Lake Forest College and Rosalind Franklin University)

The accelerated 3+2 pathway is designed for students entering Lake Forest who already have a declared major in mind. Pathway advising will start before you set foot on campus and will focus on ensuring all prerequisites are aligned over the course of your three years at Lake Forest for a seamless transition to Rosalind Franklin.

Pathway agreement, prerequisites, and proposed course schedules can be found here

4+2 Pathway (Lake Forest College and Rosalind Franklin University)

The 4+2 pathway gives students the flexibility to explore various academic areas at Lake Forest and then declare their major by their second year. Students will then transition to Rosalind Franklin after their traditional four-year experience at Lake Forest.

Pathway agreement, prerequisites, and proposed course schedules can be found here

2+2+2 Pathway (College of Lake County, Lake Forest College, Rosalind Franklin University)

The 2+2+2 pathway is designed for local Lake County students who decide to attend the College of Lake County (CLC) for their first two years of college and then follow the standard undergraduate pathway at Lake Forest before attending Rosalind Franklin.

During their time at CLC, students will also be considered Lake Forest students as they will have early access to our faculty, participate in the Health Professions Program, and complete a nursing internship all before completing their associate's degree. 

Students are encouraged to complete as many required science courses as possible during their time at CLC. Pathway agreement, prerequisites, and proposed course schedules can be found here

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