Internships and Careers

With a vibrant and exciting music scene in Chicago and the surrounding areas, music students have opportunities for internships and careers in various aspects of music. 

Our close proximity to Chicago can’t be beat—with the Lyric Opera, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and numerous jazz, blues, folk, and house music venues nearby, there are many opportunities for music enjoyment, study, and internships. Some music majors decide to become music education majors and also gain access to a broad range of urban and suburban schools for student teaching and internships.

Music majors usually identify with the  Creative Arts Career Pathway, but depending on other interests they may find a home in any of the Career Pathways.

To get an idea for which pathways students might join based upon some common music interests, check these out:

  • Performer/musician – Creative Arts
  • Music therapist – Science and Health Care
  • Teacher – Law and Public Service
  • Software Developer – Business and Finance
  • Arts Administration – Creative Arts
  • Entrepreneur – Business and Finance or Build Your Own

Explore the Career Pathways by participating in events, reading profiles of students’ and alumni experiences, and by joining a pathway (or two). Remember to look at the next steps pages to get ideas for immediate ways to prepare yourself for great internships and a productive, rewarding career after graduation.


Students have interned at many sites over the years. Here are a few:

  • Bloodshot Records
  • Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp
  • Chicago Dance and Music Alliance
  • Chicago Symphony Orchestra
  • Chicago Humanities Festival
  • El Sistema Chicago/People’s Music School
  • Illinois Arts Council
  • Lake Forest Symphony Orchestra
  • Lyric Opera of Chicago
  • Paragon Studios, Inc.
  • Ravinia Festival
  • Circle Pines Center

Justin Lansing ’07

Justin Lansing ’07 became a  Grammy Award-winning musician after studying  Spanish  and  sociology.

Career Pathways

Music majors most often find a home in the Creative Arts and Communication Career Pathway, but they can also find a home in any Career Pathway.