Student Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement:

The Health Professions Program offers comprehensive preparation for students who are preparing to become healthcare professionals with a strong foundation in scientific principles, an interdisciplinary understanding of health that includes humanistic and social science perspectives, and a commitment to interprofessional practice.

Broad Learning Outcomes:
1. Science/Quantitative Core

For Science majors or those completing traditional Pre-Health curriculum-related course requirements: Student has acquired pre-requisites/recommended courses and foundational scientific knowledge for successful admissions into health, scientific, or research program of their choice and for successful future professional employment.

Other majors: Student has acquired the knowledge and skills that allow for a foundational understanding of scientific principles and methods as they relate to healthcare.

2. Science and Health from an Interdisciplinary Perspective (SHIP) Core

Overall SHIP learning goal: Student has demonstrated the ability to read critically, reason analytically, and communicate persuasively around healthcare and scientific topics from a humanities and humanistic social science perspective.

Cultural and Social Determinants of Health (CSDH) goal: Student has demonstrated awareness of different historical or cultural approaches to health and illness, including how medical knowledge is used by individuals, groups, and states for various ends that impact the health of individuals and populations.

Artistic and Intellectual Responses to Health and Disease (AIRHD) goal: Student has demonstrated an understanding of how writers, artists, and thinkers have dramatized and analyzed the body, illness, and medicine.

3. Experiential Core - Seminar Series

Student has demonstrated an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of different members of the healthcare team as well as the educational requirements for admissions and licensure for common healthcare programs for a variety of healthcare professionals.

Student has demonstrated understanding of an ethical system of care that values patients, their families, and all members of the healthcare team.

4. Experiential Core - Keystone Project

Student has directly engaged in a professional experience linked to healthcare, science, and medicine that provides career direction towards one or more pathways within healthcare-related professions.