RFUMS Summer Scholars Program

The LFC-RFU Summer Research Scholars Program is the original partnership activity that connected Lake Forest College and Rosalind Franklin University for Medicine and Science, located just 10 minutes away from campus by car or train.

About the Program

Since 2009, this unique and thriving summer research training program for our life science majors has trained over 150 lake Forest College students till date. Every summer, 15-20 undergraduates (from first year to senior thesis students) conduct up to 10 weeks of paid research as RFUMS summer scholars. 

All participants have gained exceptional professional mentors among the faculty at this graduate health professions university. Each student works in specific medical school professor’s lab carrying out original medical research in the areas of cell and molecular pharmacology, neuroscience, cell biology and anatomy, biochemistry and molecular biology, pathology, microbiology and immunology, physiology and biophysics, psychology, medicinal chemistry, and more.  

The student scholar receives a free Lake Forest College full course credit and a living stipend. The scholar is eligible to receive summer housing and participate in cafeteria meal plans at Lake Forest College, at a reduced cost.

2023 LFC-RFUMS Summer Scholars named

This summer, 19 Lake Forest College students are conducting medical research at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science (RFU) through our Lake Forest College - Rosalind Franklin University Summer Scholars Program, which began in 2010 as the original partnership effort between the College and RFU. Each Forester is paired with an RFU professor who will serve as a mentor during the 10-week program. Over 150 have completed the program to date. All students from this cohort plan to pursue careers in biomedical research or the health professions.

Kotryna Andriuskeviciute '24 Prof.David Mueller (Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) 
Naina Beishembieva '25 Prof. Holly Hunsberger (Department of Foundational Sciences and Humanities)
Elma Choi '25 Prof. William Frost (Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy) 
Kesang Dorji '25 Prof. Lisa Ebihara (Department of Physiology and Biophysics)  
Jorge Garcia '24 Prof. John Buolamwini (Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences) 
Ying Han '24 Prof. EunJung Hwang (Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy 
Joysia Kimambo '25 Prof. Hongkyun Kim (Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy)   
Rick Liao '25 Prof. Neelam Sharma-Walia (Department of Microbiology and Immunology)
Taylor Lyons '24 Prof. Rahul Vijay (Department of Microbiology and Immunology)
Monica Marusarz '24 Prof. Joseph Reynolds (Department of Microbiology and Immunology)
Mohammed Javed '24 Prof. Ryan Crews (Department of Podiatric Surgery & Applied Biomechanics)
Lorena Monroy '24 Prof. Joanna Dabrowska (Department of Cell and Molecular Pharmacology)
Jasmin Montes '24 Prof. Amiel Rosenkranz (Department of Cell and Molecular Pharmacology
Ama Owusu-Ofori '24 Prof. EunJung Hwang (Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy)
Danielle Selby '24 Prof. Nicole Ferrara (Department of Physiology and Biophysics) 
Lauren Steidl '23 Prof. Kristin Schneider (Department of Psychology)
Sara Taha '25 Prof. Kaiwan Kam (Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy) 
Megha Verma '25 Prof. Holly Hunsberger (Department of Foundational Sciences and Humanities)
Lira Zajmi '25


Alumnae of this program are successfully pursuing PhDs, medical school, physical therapy, optometry, and other health professions and scientific careers.

All scholars present their research at the college’s Robert B. Glassman Memorial Brain, Mind, and Behavior Symposium in fall or at the Steven P. Galovich Memorial Student Symposium in spring. Our scholars also regularly present and win honors for their work at national conferences such as the national Society for Neuroscience meeting and Chicago area scientific conferences, such the Chicago Society for Neuroscience Meeting and the Great Lakes Chapter of the American Society for Pharmaceutical and Experimental Therapeutics.  

Several scholars have received undergraduate poster prizes at these scientific conferences.  Some have also co-authored scientific manuscripts published in major journals. 

How to Apply?

Contact Program Director Disque D. and Carol Gram Deane Professor of Biological Sciences (debburman@lacarteeconovista.com) for details.

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Shubhik DebBurman
Disque D. and Carol Gram Deane Professor of Biological Sciences